Why Golfers Are Turning To CBD?

In both golfing and CBD worlds, there is an animated debate going on: why golfers are turning To CBD. So far quite a few big names from the golfing world have come to the fore for using CBD. Some of them have even tied up with CBD companies and are promoting their brands by wearing them on t-shirts and visors. They are also speaking openly in favor of CBD in TV interviews.

These golfers say they have recently discovered the incredible benefits of CBD and they are using it to enhance their game and fitness. Names of the following golfers have been doing the rounds as regular CBD users:

  • Scott McCarron
  • Lucas Glover
  • Kenny Perry
  • Tom Kite
  • Scott Piercy
  • Bubba Watson
  • DJ Trahan
  • Vaughn Taylor
  • David Toms

While these are some of the famous names who have come forward on their own to endorse the benefits of CBD as far as their game is concerned, there are many more out there in golf who use CBD. Now, the question being asked is why these top ranking golfers are using CBD and what benefits they are talking about.

What do some of the best golfers say about the benefits of CBD?

Bubba Watson

Top golfer Bubba Watson thinks CBD helps him stay in the game and is prolonging his career. He is 41 years old and he thinks he can play the game for the next 10 years. He has a team of doctors who examine his CBD to make sure it does not have THC that can make him fail the drug test ahead of important games. Watson thinks CBD helps him recover fast from the stress and pain that he accumulates during the game. He also thinks that CBD helps him to have a sound sleep. He has signed up a sponsorship deal with a CBD company and wears its name on his visor.

Scott McCarron

McCarron is a top ranking golf player and he says he has been using CBD for over 2 years now. These two years have also been the time when he has performed extremely well on the golf courses. He says he started thinking highly of CBD oil after it improved his sleep quality. He thinks CBD can improve the performance of average players. Among other things, CBD's ability to reduce anxiety helps a lot to players who are out on the course. He recommends CBD especially to those players who take alcohol to calm themselves.

Lucas Glover

He thinks his game has improved after he started taking CBD. He says he is able to sleep better and his recovery from the stress of the day's game is faster. In terms of overall health, there is a positive difference and he feels it in the morning when he wakes up. He says anxiety and nagging pains have become better after he started using CBD.

Scott Piercy

Piercy has signed up a deal with Real Brands to promote its CBD products. He says he is convinced of CBD's benefits and he would like to tell other golfers how it helps him in the game.

Phil Mickelson

Mickelson has psoriatic arthritis and he has been seen to be ingesting CBD oil while on the course. He is another big fan of CBD. Mickelson takes CBD because of its anti-inflammatory properties that help him with his arthritis.

What golf regulating agencies say about CBD use?

The Anti Doping Program of PGA and World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) do not have CBD in the list of prohibited supplements. However, THC is among the list of prohibited drugs.

How does CBD help golf players?

Improved sleep

CBD tends to bring a good night's sleep. This is particularly very useful to golf players. After a hectic day of course, they need to have a good sleep so that next day they are again ready for a competitive and possibly grueling match. CBD helps them with long sleep hours as well as good sleep quality.

Pain management

After a long day at the golf course and all that stroke making, the body aches and pains in the evening and nothing seems to work as great as a few drops of CBD oil or a little bit of CBD topical. It relieves pain and induces relaxation. As we mentioned, after healing the pain, CBD induces long and quality sleep. This means next morning, when the player wakes up, he feels the difference.

Reduces anxiety

Performance anxiety is something that most players have to deal with when they are on the golf course. A few drops of CBD oil during the game gives them a complete peace of mind free from any anxiety. This is a great advantage and the player is able to focus on his game. His skill has no distraction any more.

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract from cannabis or hemp plants. It's not psychoactive and has THC less than 0.3% as recommended by FDA for hemp and hemp products. So, it does not cause any intoxication or the high associated with the use of cannabis or marijuana.

Many medical studies have revealed that CBD has therapeutic and health boosting properties. In particular, it helps reduce stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and insomnia. These are some of the most common ailments and most people suffer from one or the other problems. That's why it's become very popular ever since the US government allowed the use of hemp with less than 03% THC content in 2018. CBD has greatly benefited from this hemp reform.

Final thoughts

The use of CBD has become quite widespread in the golf world. Many top players are openly using CBD products and also promoting them. They have explained in all the details the advantages of CBD and it has improved their game as well as their overall physical and mental health. In view of their endorsement, more golf players are likely to use CBD and benefit from it. Even the agencies that regulate international level golf matches and competitions have removed CBD from the list of drugs that are prohibited for golf players. Now, there is nothing to stop anyone from using CBD products for whatever reason they want to use it. This situation should lead to CBD becoming more popular both among the golfers and common users.