Does CBD oil expire?

Are you a CBD enthusiastic? If yes, then you must be aware that buying a high-quality CBD oil is not as Cheap as many think. However, the price should not worry you but the quality.

If you truly love using your CBD oil then you must be really worried about its expiry. Hopefully, this article will answer all your questions about the expiry of CBD oil. Here we go.

What is the shelf life of CBD oil?

Generally, depending on how you store your CBD oil product it may take between 14 months up to two years. Storing your CBD product under direct sunlight or under intense heat then you are going to make it expire earlier before its shelf life reaches.

However, on the other hand, minimally processed, high-quality products such as full-spectrum CBD oil usually tend to take a longer time on the shelf before they expire if properly stored.

Also, on the other hand, pure CBD oil takes much longer to expire, as compared to flavored CBD oils. This is because some of the added ingredients in the flavored CBD oil have their own shelf life that may be shorter than that of CBD oil thus making it easily go bad.

It is also crucial to be aware of the extraction process that is used for your CBD oil. According to experts, CBD oil that is extracted by the CO2 method takes longer to expire. The reason behind all this is because the CO2 method does not destabilize the cannabis or hemp compounds.

Does CBD oil expire?

Yes, CBD oil does expire. A bottle of CBD oil that has been stored for more than two years can go bad and as well as that which has not been properly stored.

A weak bottle of CBD oil is not likely to give any therapeutic effects of CBD since it has broken down and the cannabinoids are no longer effective in the body up to peak levels.

How can you identify a bottle of CBD oil that has gone bad?

Are you facing any difficulties to help you identify an expired bottle of CBD oil? Worry not anymore here some of the signs of an old bottle of CBD oil;

  • Change of aroma from earthy to skunky
  • Visual changes in the oil such as your CBD oil turning out to be cloudy with time.
  • Your CBD oil loses its smooth texture and also becomes thicker.
  • Your CBD oil changes its color.

Thus, if you notice all the above changes in your bottle of CBD oil then you automatically know that it has been improperly stored or it has stayed on the shelf for more than two years.

How can you best store your bottle of CBD oil?

According to most of the manufacturers, cool and dark places are the best for the storage of CBD oil. Thus, the reason behind CBD oil is bottled in dark green bottles. The dark green bottles help to minimize the intensity of the sun that fastens the expiration of your oil.

Also, you should not necessarily refrigerate your CBD oil since the best temperatures for your CBD oil storage are 60- 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Final take

Keeping your CBD oil fresh until it reaches its shelf life, is the goal of every individual. Here some things to do to make it stay up to two years;

  • Open your bottle of CBD oil only when you are using it. And immediately you are done using it, reseal it tightly.
  • Keep all your CBD capsules and hold them in their original containers.
  • Store your CBD bottles straight instead of horizontally.
  • Store your bottle of CBD in a cool and dark place under room temperature.
  • Do not store your CBD oil under direct sunlight such as near a window.

With all these tips in mind then be sure to enjoy your bottle of CBD oil till it reaches its shelf life (a maximum of two years).