Kana Effects Does CBD Help With Migraines

Kana Effects Does CBD Help With Migraines

Cbd is a non-sedating compound present in the hemp plant. The popularity of CBD has no boundaries, and the market of CBD is flourishing exponentially. Over the past few years, research conducted on CBD's therapeutic benefits has indicated that this compound has a lot of medicinal value.

In this blog, we will discuss CBD's usefulness for the management and treatment of migraines and headaches. But first, let's see what a migraine is and what is the cause?

What is a migraine?

Migraine is known as the pain in the head that is sharp and episodic. It may remain for many days. It affects the daily routine of the person and also hinders a person's work. Research in 2018 concluded that 15% of adults suffer from migraines during the last three months in the United States.

Statistics gathered in 2015 shows that 9% and 19% of males and females, respectively, suffer from migraine.

What Are The Causes Of Migraines?

It is still unknown what triggers the pain episodes, but scientists believe that changes in the brain or genetic factors may be the cause of these episodes of pain. The changes that can play a role in the onset of pain can be :

  • Emotional disturbances such as excitement, stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Diet-related factors such as consumption of chocolate, caffeine, citrus fruits, and cheese.
  • Medications like birth control pills, sleeping pills can be a cause.
  • Hormonal changes like postpartum or before the menstrual cycle.
  • Environmental triggers such as bright lights, noises, strong odors, smoke, etc.

Risk Factors Of Migraines

Migraine is not limited to a certain type of people and may affect anyone. But people suffering from the following are more susceptible to it:

  • Anxiety
  • OCD( obsessive-compulsive disorder)
  • Sleep disorder
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression

Prevention Of Migraines

Prevention of migraine lies in avoiding any trigger that you think starts the painful episode. Doctors recommend the following drugs to prevent migraines:

  • anti-seizure drug
  • drugs for high blood pressure
  • antidepressants
  • Botox
  • Apart from medicines, it would be best if you try to:
  • get enough sleep
  • Try to reduce stress
  • drink ample amount of water
  • improve posture
  • avoiding diet-related triggers
  • get regular exercise

Treatment Options

There is no exact cure for migraines. The only available options are to treat the symptoms of migraine. Doctors prescribe antidepressants, painkillers, anti-seizure drugs to the patients. They only give relief for the time being.

In this regard, let's see how CBD can help manage migraines.

Can CBD Help?

Although people used cannabis for headaches for centuries, there is still a lack of evidence to support that CBD can effectively manage migraine. Studies show that some compounds in cannabis can help treat migraine. Few strong pieces of evidence conclude that CBD can help in reducing inflammation and pain. Just like that, it may help manage migraine.

Like medicines, CBD can effectively manage migraine symptoms without leaving negative long-term effects on the body.

Cbd is very effective for the treatment of pain. It has powerful analgesic properties. Due to which it can help lessen the pain associated with migraine and give you relief. If you continuously use it can help you to manage the associated pain.

What Research Says?

Research on the role of CBD alone to treat migraine is not sufficient. The effects of THC and CBD for migraine are researched, and they show mixed results. Lack of research is due to a lack of regulation regarding CBD products. Various laboratory studies show that CBD can help in decreasing chronic or acute pain related to migraines.We can say that only further research can suggest if CBD is good or not for migraine.

How CBD works?

CBD interacts with our body's CB1 and CB2 receptors. It may hinder the metabolism of anandamide: that is linked to pain regulation. If you have a high concentration of anandamide in the blood, it can lessen the pain sensation.

Risks of using CBD

CBD may induce the following side effects, such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and diarrhea. The other risk of using CBD is that its products are still not fully regulated. Many companies are selling substandard products that have THC content in it or have low-quality CBD. Such products can do more harm than good. So, be careful before buying.

Is it legal?

CBD is legal in many states, but only that is obtained from the hemp plant. The law states that only commercial cultivation of hemp is allowed, and CBD can only be extracted from the hemp plant. This CBD extract must contain 0.3% or less concentration of THC. THC is the compound of cannabis that has sedative properties. So, it is your responsibility to buy from an authentic source.

Moreover, if you want to travel with CBD products, make sure to check the rules and regulations of that country or state regarding CBD.

How To Use CBD For Migraines

You don't have to worry about this one. CBD is being sold in the market in the form of multiple products such as:

  • Creams
  • Balms
  • Sprays
  • Gels
  • Lotions
  • Gummies
  • Tincture
  • Capsules

For migraines use can use CBD in the following ways:

Topical use

Topical CBD such as oil or balms can be very effective for massage. You can apply balm on your hand and gently massage your head. You will feel amazing and rejuvenated. If you are not comfortable with eating CBD, this method is best for you.


This method will take some time to show its results, but it is a good source of CBD. You can eat delicious CBD gummies anywhere you want. CBD capsules are also a very good option to consume CBD.


You can vape CBD, and you will not regret it. This is a quick method to deliver CBD in the body.

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